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Motor Drive FS2

Product No.: Steuerung FS2
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from 850,00 EUR
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Motor Drive FS2
Motor Drive FS2
Motor Drive FS2
Motor Drive FS2

5 programmable slewing speeds up to 3200x, for example 1/4x, 1x, 5x, 20x, 60x  or:  0.3x, 1x, 3x, 10x, 500x.
The maximum available speed depends on your motors and gears. You will find some examples on the last instuction manual page.
Tracking Speed The tracking speed can be selected for:
> Stars, Moon, Sun
> Comets (both axes are programmable, King Rate is possible too)
> Earth (no tracking at all, e.g. for adjusting the optics)
The control box has five big keys (can be used with gloves too!). The cable is 2 to 5 meters long and suitable down to –30°C (-22°F) (no PVC isolation!).
Red 16 digit 5x7 dot matrix LED display for coordinates and other messages, adjustable in 20 steps. Built-in red flashlight with adjustable brightness.
Reference Objects All 168 stars brighter than 3rd mag and the sun are available as reference objects, but you can also enter RA and DE of any other reference object.
Automatic Slewing to Objects (GoTo) -- All 109 Messier objects -- A practical selection (>3500) NGC and IC objects -- 168 bright stars (all stars brighter than 3rd mag) -- Sun and planets -- RA and DE -- If you didn´t find yout object right away: Automatic searching on a spiral-shaped track around the center of the field.

Serial Connection to PC The serial connection to the PC works with these programs: -- GUIDE -- TheSky, TheSky Pocket Edition -- SkymapPro -- Starry Night -- AstroVideo -- Earth Centered Universe (ECU) -- Cartes du Ciel -- Hallo Northern Sky -- IRIS 3.6 -- AstroArt -- Maxim DL -- and many more You can show the sky map on the PC screen where the telescope is just pointing at and you can slew the telescope to all objects that are available in these programs. The serial connection will work up to 15 meters cable length guaranteed. If the distance between the FS2 and the computer is much longer, then an optical link with a plastic fiber cable can be used up to 80 meters distance. The FS2 supports the most important LX200 commands: :GR, :GD, :Sr, :Sd, :MS, :Q, :Qn, :Qs, :Qe, :Qw, :Mn, :Ms, :Me, :Mw, :RS, :RM, :RC, :RG, :CM, :U, ACK Here you find more informations about suitable PC programs.

 There are 3 Voltage Versions: The normal version needs a 12 Volts (±3 Volts) DC supply. All versions are protected if the supply is connected the wrong way round, they have a built-in fuse and a 1 Meter power supply cable with banana plugs. As a power supply we recommend a 12 Volts car battery or a 13.8 Volts DC regulated power supply. Please don´t use unregulated power supplies, because the output voltage of these can be higher than 15 Volts if the load is small. The second version accepts a supply voltage between 9 and 30 Volts. At 30 Volts you have approx. twice the maximum speed compared with 12 Volts. This works with all stepper motors because the motor current is regulated by the FS2. The third version has a built-in voltage converter. It accepts a supply voltage between 10 and 15 Volts, and the voltage converter produces 40 Volts for the stepper motors. This means that the maximum slewing speed is more than twice compared with 12 Volts. We recommend this version if you need high slewing speed and if you only have a 12 Volts (car battery) supply.

Telescope Drive Unit FS2: 
This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 30. September 2008.

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