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Ecuatorial Mount HoOLN1

Product No.: HoOLN1
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from 4.399,00 EUR
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Ecuatorial Mount HoOLN1
Ecuatorial Mount HoOLN1
Ecuatorial Mount HoOLN1
Ecuatorial Mount HoOLN1

Ecuatorial Mount HoO LongNeck1

Our aim is to provide items of higher quality  as of those which can be found on the market. This is why we started developing a parallactical mount Made in Germany. Our Mount HoO LN1 is a 100% product based on German technological engineering know-how. All parts are high standard CNC machined and manufactured in Germany. The mount cross can be splitted in order to provide a better transporting. Such advantage is highly appreciated in field since heavy carriage can be avoided. To assemble the mount just put the DEC axis on its head, fix it with the hand knobs. No further steps required. Ready!  You don´t need any tools to do this. The included mount ground plate allows you to set your mount on each pillar or tripod.

The dimmed illuminated Polar alignment scope needs no own cable assembly, here works a 9V battery. The polar height assembly works over a ergonomical big hand wheel. All positions can be arrived precise and comfortable. All screws are Stainless Steel plastic covered, here is never grate to find. 

Polar height assembly by hand wheel

The variable friction clutches may allow to move the mount by hand. In coherency with optional Encoders you can move the mount or fix the objects by hand. The automatical GOTO drive can be done by optionally FS2 drive, or a Little Foot PE drive. We have tested the mount with both motor drives, so here you can choose your favorite motor drive. We are shure, also the British AWR motor drive can be fitted. Also the Boxdörfer drives or the LF Power drives can be used.

FS2 motor drive                             LF Elegance PE motor drive

Material we worked for both axis is a 50mm Stainless Steel bar, even the counter weight bar with its diameter of 30mm. Both axis are conduced over  2x  80mm taper roller bearings. The massive construction derivative guaranteed any vibrations, all elements such as worm and gear can be independent fixed and aligned. The motor array never allow to clash the motors. All electrical cables are in this case conducted, they never disturb a 360° axial turn.
By modular construction you can easy put on - off the DEC-Axis even in darkness you can change the telescope connector clam. You can choose shapes between  3" (75 mm ), or Vixen/Synta shape. Other shapes or bars can be ordered on special request and order.

modular 3" telescope clam, other shapes are available

Another very important feature is the length-adjustment of the RA-Axis. This feature allow you to set the RA-Axis in a 50 mm longer version for a better managing long shape telescopes in common with a tripod. Each long shape telescope is going danger to contact the tripod legs, because the mount axis are to short. This problem can be compound by set the RA -Axis longer  This option is standard in all our mounts.

short RA-Axis version                   long RA-Axis version

The build in motors can go for example 300x GOTO in common with a FS2  12V  motor drive version. Stronger motors can be offered, please note this and ask for a price by making a order.
The worm and gears are Modul 0,7 and 180 teeth, they guarantee a periodical error of  +/- 7 " or better. The periodical error is only important by using the mount for astronomical photography. Shall it show a big ample (f.ex. +/- 30 ") where your Auto guider can not handle this, there might be a problem. For visual using the periodical error is not important.  Our PE-Guarantee affirm all Auto guider a photographic sureness, to can realize all your astronomical images.

Full size here

This accessories we offer on special request, please ask the actual prices:
- Stainless Steel counterweights in different weights
- Sattle plates
- mount dove tails in different shapes

Technical Data:
- Load capacity photographic 35 kg
- 50mm Stainless Steel Axis
- 100mm Aluminium Body, anodized
- 2x 80mm taper roller bearings on both Axis
- 30mm Counter weight shaft, Stainless Steel
- 1,8° Stepper Motors with1,4A Phase, 2 Ohm resistance
- free connectible to all free programmable motor drives 

Sizes and Weights:
- Height Axis cross 480mm
- Width  DEC-Axis 430mm
- Depth Axis cross 470mm
- Length cw-shaft 380mm, Diam. 30 mm, weight 2,0 kg
- Weight Axis cross w/o DEC 17,2 kg
- Weight DEC-Axis 16,5 kg

- high transportable, splittable mount cross
- setting and aligning with out any tools possible
- any time choosing long or short RA Axis
- build in dimming illuminated polar aligning scope
- variable friction clutches in both Axis
- settable Polar height 10°  - 80 °

  Purchased parts:
- Mount Cross RA+DEC
- Pol finder scope
- counter weights shaft
- counter weight 10 kg (steel)
- mounting ground plate


This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 23. February 2011.

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